Superbungee Strap V.3


• Ultimate comfort

• Patent-pending design

• Non-slip pad surface

Part No. 730201


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The Superbungee Strap V.3 is the ultimate in comfort shoulder bag straps; upgrade just about any bag, suitcase, sports duffel, etc.

Patented design features “sport-tuned suspension system,” consisting of a high-density, floating bungee/shock cord ring which acts as a shock absorber, minimizing carrying shock and perceived weight.  High-density closed-cell foam pads further enhance carrying comfort on the reverse (wearer) side of the contoured shoulder pad.  Non-slip pad surface keeps even the heaviest bag on your shoulder.


Primary Shoulder Strap Materials: Heavy-duty, reinforced webbing, high tensile strength bungee coil, high-density closed-cell padding.

Strap Hardware and Trim: Metal swivel clips, Acetal slide adjusters.

Shoulder pad width: 3.25″

Strap Length: Adjustable from 32″ to more than 50″!