Traveling to the near destination or the far reaches of air traffic, the Checkthrough® Security Brief is modeled and prepared to be your go to stow away bag for all. This security ready bag is designed to stow your most important electronics with fold away compartments that zip away flat.

Crafted to be sleek and professional, with more than 15 pockets, compartments and organizers in all. The fully padded compartment features keep your items organized and protected when you are on the move. With over 15 pockets for accessories, pens, and pencils you will find a perfect spot for everything.

Checkthrough® Security Brief, Standard

  • More than 15 pockets, compartments and organizers in all
  • Designed to hold most popular (15-inch) laptops
  • Lightweight body with Superbungee shoulder strap

Large Capacity

Micro-ballistic Nylon

Security Ready

The Checkthrough® Security Brief is part of a line of bags in which provide similar form and different function. Smaller versioning exists in the Mini format to compliment the technology utilized in the larger.

The Skooba brand stands for its quality and authenticity in all of our lines, visit our online webstore or Amazon to find the perfect fit for you.