Hotdog Yoga Rollpack Amethyst


• Exclusive design packs like a gym bag, hangs like a garment bag, carries like a mat bag
• Eight separate storage spaces
• Sleek, modern styling of fine luggage
• Ultra lightweight – even with all its bells and whistles
• Fits any mat, including extra-long, pro-type/extra thick

Part No. HD105


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The Hotdog Yoga Rollpack is so much more than just a mat bag.  Its exclusive design opens flat; like a garment bag, to provide a separate, flat compartment to neatly hold a change of clothes for before or after working out.  After packing your clothes; just wrap the Rollpack around your mat (along with your towel or blanket), clip it together, sling it over your shoulder and, well, roll.  The innovative design carries any mat (even pro size), with no need to roll tightly the way you have to when using an enclosed bag.  Because it isn’t enclosed, your mat is always ventilated; no more stinky bags!  The Rollpack is the ideal yoga travel buddy – more capacity, more organization and more versatility; all in a bag that’s actually smaller and lighter than the mat it carries.

No wonder it’s become the choice of more and more “A-list” yogis; as well as teachers and students around the world.


Primary materials: Micro Ballistic Nylon exterior. Smooth nylon pack cloth interior.

Hardware and trim: Heavy-duty webbing for clip straps, shoulder strap and handles. Metal, no-twist shoulder strap fasteners. Top quality zippers with easy-to-grab, corded pulls.

Overall Size: 22.5″L x 19.25”W (opened flat), 22.5″L x 9.5”W (folded)

Weight: 1.25 lb